When The Cunningham’s Photo Blog first opened its page, we knew that we wanted to showcase the greater Arvada area, but we were lost about how to go about this task. We spent months taking pictures across the city to look for patterns that could help us settle on a topic of interest.

One thing that stuck out to us was how much work was being done by the expert contractors that make our city their home. So, we decided that showcasing their projects would help our site, but more importantly, help homeowners and business managers find the right teams for any project.

Of all these various jobs that we’ve showcased, we noticed that the Arvada tree care services projects were our favorite to document.

This shocked us, as our team of photographers had very little prior experience with tree services.

We didn’t even know what they did, to be honest, aside from chopping down old trees and clearing lots.

We assumed they were the undertakers for the trees.


However, that could not be further from the truth. The bulk of their work is about just the opposite: that is, saving trees from death and decay, planting fresh seedlings, and giving the trees a makeover that is both more beautiful and more productive to their growth within a city environment.

As such, our team began following around the tree workers on their various jobs, and noticed immediately how much of a positive impact these pruning and planting jobs had on our ecosystem.

We’ve followed them on lot clearing jobs as well.

Perhaps the most fascinating images we captured, however, are from the disastrous effects that fallen trees have on their greater space.

Although the damages these trees left in their wake are nothing short of terrifying, the workers who know how to clear these fallen trees without destroying power lines, sewage systems, and causing more damage to the homes where the trees fell, are nothing less than expert craftsman.

They would use these images as a warning to anybody who doesn’t take pruning trees seriously. They’d say that this was the result of customers calling us after it’s too late, although we would have loved to help them prevent such a disaster.